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Travelling has exposed us to remarkable artisans whose skills we are amazed by and we want not only to preserve their livelihoods but to see them flourish. We want to share the excitement we feel and the joy their pieces bring to us.
A background in design, a love of beautiful and practical things, a desire to support the artisans; this is who we are at heart, along with dancing around the kitchen, wine in hand, surrounded by family, friends and animals.


From hand beaten copper and silver holloware to finely woven silk dressing gowns, meticulous eggshell inlay, straw marquetry and lacquerware to silk lampshades and cotton table napkins. The common theme is artisans. Artisans with whom we collaborate in design, taking delight in their talents, to produce remarkable, individually made pieces.

With our close artisan relationships, regional and product expertise, we are able to offer many of our products designed to your specification as well as being able to source specific products from the regions in which we operate. If you have any design ideas or specific items you’d like to discuss please get in touch.

About Us - What?
About us why


It’s simple…

We love exquisite hand-made things.

We want to help sustain hand-made objet’s d’art, celebrate the skill of artisans and maintain their traditions.

We want to work as an antidote to the mass produced, throw-away society we have become a part of.

And we want to bring joy and individuality into people’s lives through remarkable statement pieces, made with skill, with love and with care.