Mood-Board Inspiration – Art Deco Interiors

Our fabulous guest mood-boarder and blogger, Emma Scott, pulls together some of the stand out details to add that touch of Art Deco to your home.

Art Deco is continuing to inspire people some 100 years after it first came about in France. Aspects of this prominent design movement can be seen in furniture, wallpapers and the colour palettes of interiors.

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We have written a blog about the Art Deco movement before, but just can’t get enough of the overall decor and style. Mood-boards are a great way of letting the creative ideas flood together and we can just keep going on this movement!

“After the heavy decoration of the Victorian Era, Art Deco welcomed a fresh new and modern twist on design that was influenced by a fusion of many different 20th century styles including Cubism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and Futurism. Unlike so many movements that had philosophical or political roots, Art Deco was purely decorative. It was a movement that was just about enjoying the scope of design with elegant and ultra modern glamour.

Luxury, sophistication and decadence are all part of the aesthetic in the Art Deco style, these being brought forward through a range of patterns, shapes, materials and colours. It was all about making a big statement, so bold geometric patterns with hard angles and clear, repetitive symmetry matched alongside expensive materials such as gold, brass, luxury lacquer and woods with high shine finishes became strong and lasting features of the overall aesthetic. ” To continue reading, please click here.

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