Eggshell Inlay Methodology

In a workshop surrounded by a shaded garden on the outskirts of Siem Reap, a French master craftsman has been inspiring and teaching young artisans how to recover traditional skills lost during the Cambodian Civil War.

The noise and dust on the streets seems like a world away in this oasis. The workshop is a sanctuary of quiet and calm, always filled with smiles but concentration is key for the patient precision required, whether it is it is in the creation of lacquerware, the minute placement of eggshell fragments, or fine strips for marquetry.



Duck and Chicken eggshells are collected for use according to the colour and designs required.

The base object is generally made from the Para Rubber tree, a fast growing tree, which is durable and flexile. Thin layers of wood are glued together and left for a week before carving can begin.


Eggshell Application

Using tweezers and fine, precise tools, the tiny fragmented pieces of eggshell are picked up and an intricate jigsaw is formed. Steady hands and much skill and patience is required for this stage of the hand-made process.

A natural, clear drying lacquer is applied along side the eggshell as a glue and protective coating.



All of our products can be made to order with small design tweaks or whole new designs to suit your projects. Please get in touch to discuss your products.

Eggshell Inlay Products