Straw Marquetry Methodology


In a workshop surrounding a shaded garden on the outskirts of Siem Reap, a French and master craftsman has been inspiring and teaching young artisans how to recover ancient skills totally lost to them during the Cambodia Civil War.

The noise and dust on the streets seems like a world away in the oasis. The workshop is a sanctuary of quiet and calm, always filled with smiles but concentration is key for the patient precision required, whether it is it is in the creation of the lacquerware, the minute placement of eggshell or fine strips for marquetry.




We use traditional rye straw from Burgundy, France. Straw Marquetry is a technique that has been seen in Europe since the 1600’s. It is probably most famously associated with the prisoners during the Napoleonic wars, where they created incredible pieces to relieve boredom and sell at a nearby market.

Our artisans use pre dyed straw, ready to be washed and dried before being split open and ironed into flat ribbon lengths ready to be applied to a wooden base.


Straw apply


The prepared straw is individually laid, piece by piece, onto wood and matched to perfection at each edge until the surface is totally covered. Natural, clear drying lacquer is applied onto straw to the wood base.



All of our products can be made to order with small design tweaks or whole new designs to suit your projects. Please get in touch to discuss your products.

Straw Marquetry Products